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Ferraris Psychotherapy

Federico Ferraris
Linienstraße 130
2er Hinter Haus, Links
DE-10115 Berlin

I specialize in working with minority, migrants, disability populations and with those who are struggling with diverse issues to instill hope and open their eyes on new ways of looking at the world. My approach is clinically based, nonjudgmental, culturally competent, flexible, outcome oriented, and uses evidenced based approaches with the belief that recovery is possible. My goal is to help you develop a healthy perception of yourself, strengthen the relationships around you and ultimately live your best, most fulfilling life.


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Praxisprofil / Arbeitsschwerpunkte:

Psychologische Beratung
  • Mobbing-Beratung
  • Paarberatung
  • Progressive Muskelentspannung
  • Psychoanalytische Beratung
  • Psychosoziale Krisenintervention
  • Selbstbewusstseinstraining
  • Selbsterfahrungsworkshops
  • Selbstorganisation
  • Sexualberatung
  • Spirituell-psychologisches Life-Balance-Coaching
  • Spirituelle Lebensberatung
  • Stressbewältigung
  • Suchtberatung
  • Telefonische Beratung
  • Telefonseelsorge
  • Themenzentrierte Interaktion
  • Trauerbegleitung
  • Traumdeutung
  • Psychotherapie
  • Kurzzeittherapie
  • Lösungsorientierte Therapie
  • Musiktherapie
  • Positive Psychotherapie
  • Psychodrama
  • Psychosomatik
  • Psychosoziale Kunsttherapie
  • Sexualtherapie
  • Spirituelle Heilung
  • Verhaltenstherapie
  • Coaching
  • Personality Coaching
  • Resilienz
  • Indikationsschwerpunkte:

    These are the different approaches I use in my practice at the moment.

    Most of the time I use them integrated together.

    Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

    Its goal is to change patterns of thinking and behaving. This approach is combining behavioral, emotional and cognitive aspects in order to understand the individual. The consultations are based on clear communication and exercises. The first sessions are used to identify and understand the difficulties you are facing. The therapeutic work can start when you feel comfortable and ready to start working on yourself. With defined goals and steps, cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most efficient and scientifically proved therapy methods. You are active in the process of change.

    Cross-cultural Psychology

    Living in a different country or changing countries can be challenging for both individuals and families. To grow a family, to raise children and for yourself you need to feel grounded and safe. Therefore living in a foreign country can be especially demanding. As an expat psychologist I work most of the time with international, multilingual and intercultural adults and children. My consultations are a moment of having someone professional to listen to you, to reassure you and to support you in transitional phases of your life. Every person has its own values and priorities, in my practice I give though to and adapt to the individual's personal needs and preferences.

    Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

    Early-life experiences can develop into recurring patterns of thinking, feeling and acting, that continue to repeat in life, unless he or she becomes aware of these unconscious patterns. Many of these patterns came about when the person needed to cope or survive a situation, and were useful at the time, but as time passes, the patterns start to hold the person back in life. The Psychologist and client work together to become aware of these patterns, at work and in relationships, and change them. The relationship between client and Psychologist that develops over time is also examined to see if there are similarities to when the client interacts with others.

    Meine therapeutische Ausbildung:

    I was born in Turin in 1987 where, after classical high school, I attended the University of Turin, Faculty of Psychology. I did my first internship in the Drop-In of Amedeo di Savoia Hospital, in the first aid service for drug addicts. I wrote my three-year thesis on Mirror Neurons and imitation. I then chose to do my master’s degree in Clinical and Community Psychology. During this time I did an internship in the Altea Psychiatric Community, followed by a six-month Erasmus exchange in Istanbul, Maltepe University, where I then created in 2011-2012 my master’s thesis research in another six months. Upon returning to Turin, I passed the state exam to enter the Piedmont Register of Psychologists. I then continued my post-graduate internship at the University of Turin, where I published a research paper with my professors, based on my master’s thesis, in an international journal. Also still with the university, I then participated in the Uni.Coo call (2013). The result was a collaboration and a  with the Turin-based NGO Cifa Onlus and the Cambodian one in the Via del Campo project in the Phoum Thmey slum in Sihanoukville. There I worked for three months with children from the center and nearby school to complete research on basic facial emotion recognition. I then completed Civil Service in social services in Turin. Also in Turin, I followed a boy with disabilities consistently over the period of 10 years.  I worked in Canada in Montreal for a year and back in Europe I decided to move to Berlin permanently. Here I worked as an Educator and as a Psychologist for the first years. Today I was able to open my practice in the city and online under the title Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie.

    Qualifikationen und Zertifikate:

    Bachelor in Psychology

    Master in Clinical Psychology

    State exam

    Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie

    Angebotene Fremdsprachen:

    Englisch, Italienisch


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